Event Recap: Blackwater May Festival

May 10th, 2021

This event was fraught with so many issues I don’t even know where to begin!


The event could have used some. When you follow the instructions that you were given for check-in, then find out you have to chase the check-in person down in the parking lot where the booths are located, that didn’t sit well with me. They put on enough of these events to be a lot more organized than they actually were – improvement is sorely needed! I will say that the booths were arranged much better than they were during the Fall Festival last year, though some leeway between booths would be beneficial.

The Weather

RAIN: We had just a touch of rain early before the event began – I forgot my tarp so I could protect my products, but we brought them closer inside the tent so they wouldn’t get ruined.

WIND: It’s really sad when you had to concentrate more on keeping your tent and products from blowing all across Timbuktu than actually selling. There were wind gusts where we all had to hop into action to keep things from becoming a fiasco. Some sellers were lucky, others were not. We were one of the lucky ones where we received no damage to our products nor to our tent, but it made it very difficult to be attentive to buyers.

The Event

It turned out to be a very long day, but once things got off and running we did really well – we made a good profit and met a lot of wonderful people. We had good booth mates to the right of us, and we kept each other entertained throughout the day.

I was pretty upset as to the way I had to deal with my products due to the wind. I had to take one display down completely, and the rest had to be lowered down on the table as to avoid being blown away by the wind (which happened anyways, several times).

The Takeaway

I have never had to deal with these type of weather conditions before at a craft fair, so I am now in the process of redesigning my entire booth, displays and all. They have to be a lot more sturdy, but also be easily transportable in my little SUV. Hopefully I can come up with a lot better display for the Shepherd of the Hills Fall Craft Show in Branson MO in September.