Event Recap: Shepherd of the Hills Fall Craft Show

September 29th, 2021

For the second weekend in September summer was holding on with a vengeance. Upper 90s each day, and when you’re outside and the sun is beating on your booth, there’s little to no respite, plus with the medical issues I currently have it made for a very miserable weekend. To this end I am going to halt participating in open-air craft events for the time being as it is too taxing on my health, and instead opt in for indoor events only.

The event itself over that weekend was fraught with issues. It was a steep hill down to the booth area which, thankfully, was mostly flat. My setup took about 3 hours to complete

Electricity to my booth was, at best, a joke. I had only a 6ft extension cord in my possession, but the outlet was located at least 50ft away. When I finally got an extension cord long enough the outlets were all used up by the 3 vendors around me! The solution (hours later) was a old surge protector plugged into the outlet so I could plug in my extension cord and run electricity back to my booth.

The first day had quite a bit of traffic but no buyers (at least not for me) so it didn’t start off well at all. The second and third days were much better and I was able to make the largest profit I ever had at a craft fair. The wind on the second day was almost enough for me to pack it all in and leave, but there were other vendors there that encouraged me to stay.

Overall, the probability of me participating in this event is slim to none, with these main issues in mind: